woensdag 1 september 2010

2 Yews close to a bank, No competition!

Small guide on how to get 2 yew trees all to your self, close to a bank too.

60 Woodcutting (duh)
Quest: Defender of Varrock

All you have to do is complete the quest mentioned above to the point the zombies attack the palace. Now, just go into the palace with your axe, and maybe armor if you are low leveled. If you stand in between the first two yews, the zombies will never attack you.

2 Yew trees close to the GE
No competition
Counts as a PVP zone, so if you go in with 80k in your inventory, you earn EP

Lonely =(
Need to do a series of quests
Need to be an adequate Combat level
EP gain capped at 40% at a time, not a hot zone.
Need to run through zombies if you want to bank.

This spot is perfect if training firemaking, or low leveled woodcutting. After a bit, the zombies won't be aggressive, so burn to your hearts content.

Good luck.

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  1. never played but thx for the insight!


  2. Is this a glitch or was it intended?


  3. mhmm


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  5. Good guide, a lot of useful information.

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  7. If you do Spirit of Summer (Don't think Summer's End is required) there is a magic tree in the wilderness. Cut it down, wear Jennica's ring and there's a portal. Go in there and cut the cursed magic tree. When it is cut the normal magic tree comes back and your cursed magic logs turn into normal magic logs.