maandag 30 augustus 2010

1-99 Woodcutting!

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Level 1-15:
The only real way to get to level 15 Woodcutting is to do normal logs. I usually start in Lumbridge Forest.

Level 15-30:
Now move onto Oak Logs. There are a few places where you can head. Draynor Bank is a really good option.

Level 30-99 (Free To Play)
Willows are the best from these levels. You can either Powerchop or bank them.

30-99 (Pay to Play)
Hit up Willow Trees till 60-65. The best spot is Catherby, just west of the bank.

From 60-65+ (Pay To Play)
You have two options. Continue cutting willow logs until 99, or you can move onto Yew Logs at around 75. This is totally up to you. Willow logs you won't make much of a profit at all, but Yew logs you will get at least 10M Gp.

I hope this guide has helped you beginners at becoming closer to your 99 Woodcutting.

zondag 29 augustus 2010

Me getting Owned!

Ye , I lost my bank while Briding. Look at that

F2P Money: Wine Of Zamorak.

Making money in Runescape is easy ! if you knoe HOW. Wine of Zamorak is a good way to make money and train magic in Runescape [is NOT much magic exp, BUT is good method to make money] This is one of the best way to make money as a non-members. Wine of Zamorak is an ingredient used for Brew of Zamorak and Ranging Potions (Potion).


- 33 Magic but it is better if you have 37

- staff on air and some law runes and if you have 37 magic, a water rune.

Getting Ready:

Grab 28 Law Runes and Air Staff [or 28 Air Runes] *If you have 37 magic bring water rune.*


Wine of Zamorak is located in the Chaos temple North West of Falador.

***Once inside the temple you see zamorak. If you try to take the wine Physically all the zamorak will attack you. This why you USE TELEGRAB to get the wine. ***

This is why you will need 33 magic,staff of air[so you dont need air runes] and law runes. If you have 37 maigc then some water runes.

** Yes, this might seem expensive but you will make more than what you spend. trust me ^^

Once they use telegrab to grab it. Once you have full inventory either run back to Falador, or if you have 37 magic, Teleport to Falador[faster]


- Raise your magic level in the Fist of Guthix Minigame.

- use a world with more player , is has faster respawn time. quick the wine comes back