zondag 29 augustus 2010

F2P Money: Wine Of Zamorak.

Making money in Runescape is easy ! if you knoe HOW. Wine of Zamorak is a good way to make money and train magic in Runescape [is NOT much magic exp, BUT is good method to make money] This is one of the best way to make money as a non-members. Wine of Zamorak is an ingredient used for Brew of Zamorak and Ranging Potions (Potion).


- 33 Magic but it is better if you have 37

- staff on air and some law runes and if you have 37 magic, a water rune.

Getting Ready:

Grab 28 Law Runes and Air Staff [or 28 Air Runes] *If you have 37 magic bring water rune.*


Wine of Zamorak is located in the Chaos temple North West of Falador.

***Once inside the temple you see zamorak. If you try to take the wine Physically all the zamorak will attack you. This why you USE TELEGRAB to get the wine. ***

This is why you will need 33 magic,staff of air[so you dont need air runes] and law runes. If you have 37 maigc then some water runes.

** Yes, this might seem expensive but you will make more than what you spend. trust me ^^

Once they use telegrab to grab it. Once you have full inventory either run back to Falador, or if you have 37 magic, Teleport to Falador[faster]


- Raise your magic level in the Fist of Guthix Minigame.

- use a world with more player , is has faster respawn time. quick the wine comes back

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